hey! glad you’re here.

now let’s get away

I’m Kat, your free-spirited girlfriend with a bit of an edge. From a short rendezvous in my home city of Atlanta to a long, languid weekend away, I’m up for most anything. I’m really good at being a girlfriend. It’s the best of both worlds, the connection and intimacy at it’s peak without the traditional burdens of the time investment or the typical cumbersome rules that guide relationships. I can be all the way yours, right now, and then again and again.

I’m tall, 5’9 in my bare feet with a pretty face and well-shaped curves that I wear like silk, completely comfortable in my own skin. I’m clever, funny, and can’t wait to beat you at a board game. I’m competitive and it suits my personality, passionate and warm. I’m told I’m a very easy person to be with and that’s a trait I wear like a badge of honor. Come as you are, relaxed and at ease, or nervous and a little tightly wound. I’ll unwind you. We’ll belly laugh, and make out, and feel like teens again.

I live for the graze of a hand against my leg, the “will he?” right before you kiss me, the high of skin against skin that I’m forever chasing. I’m electricity in human form, ready to make you come alive in my presence.


Read on.

I’m an age appropriate 37 and can fit in anywhere. I enjoy a fine dining experience but my favorite meals are shared in dark corners, with my legs up in a booth as I lean forward to listen to you, comfortable and close. Take me somewhere we can relax and get to know each other authentically, or order takeout so we can snack and talk in an intimate atmosphere that’s just the two of us. I can be a social person, but I come to life when it’s just the two of us, with your tie loosened and my jeans lost in a corner while I cozy up on the bed in something barely there. Tell me something new while I drape my arms over you, interrupting you for a kiss.

I’m a reveler in the simple, small things. A dive bar with good music and greasy food, a backyard fire pit with a beer and conversation, blue jeans and city walks, movie dates where we snuggle up and make out in the back of the theater. I’m a hand-holder, a road trip partner for the ages. I express most of my affection with touch, keep me close by. Connections that are nothing short of magic are possible here. Wanna make one?