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Bodysuit Laying Down

Now let's

From short dalliances to long weekends, I’m up for most anything. I’m really good at being a girlfriend. It’s the best of both worlds, the connection and intimacy at the peak of its chemistry and the freedom of a no-strings-attached affair.

travel partner for hire

I’m tall, 5’9 in my bare feet with a pretty face and well-shaped curves. I’m clever, funny, and can’t wait to beat you at a board game. I’m competitive and it suits my personality – fiery. We’ll belly laugh, though, and we’ll make out and feel like teens again.

I’m an age appropriate 36 and can generally fit in anywhere. I love a fine dining experience and I love dive bars and I love an intimate night in with take-out. Sounds like I just love food. Feeding me is better than not feeding me.

I welcome all suitors who are kind, respectful, and provide me with the screening information that I require. I enjoy longer engagements and forming connections, as well as shorter occasional merging of bodies, sometimes fleeting, some connecting every few months.

Join me for a dance.


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