Important Details

Screening is mandatory for all clients, no exceptions. I require photo ID – if this is not something you’re willing to provide, please don’t waste my time or yours. I won’t make an exception.

Please note that all dates four hours and over require social time. Dinner, a show, cocktails, etc. For shorter dates, drinks, snacks, bottles of bubbly are always a welcome treat.

When you arrive please present my fee to me immediately, preferably tucked into a book or gift bag, especially if we are in public. No passing over envelopes of cash at the dinner table. It’s incredibly awkward if I have to ask you for it, and I will ask you for it if I must. It can shift the mood a bit, so please be mindful of this.

Please use discretion when visiting me. This means no loitering in the hotel lobby, not addressing me if you see me as I’m checking in or in public. It gets weird so don’t be weird. 

If you are aggressive, unkind, or disrespectful I will end the date immediately. This does not mean “we have different opinions about something so I’m going to use this as an excuse to exit”. It means that if you are exhibiting intimidating behavior, showing signs that you may become violent, or being outright disrespectful, I will ask you to leave and I will not refund you. I won’t be a bitch to you. Don’t be a dick to me.

A 25% deposit is required for all bookings, no exceptions. The deposit is nonrefundable outside of the rare circumstance where I have to reschedule. I’m a reliable gal.

 I accept deposit payments in Venmo, CashApp, and gift cards. Please ask me for details regarding using gift cards.

Life happens.

I have reserved this time for you specifically, so I have and enforce a firm but fair cancellation policy.

Cancellations made in advance of 72 hours before our scheduled date may reschedule once. Canceling between 72 and 24 hours before our date incurs a 50% fee. Any cancellations inside of 24 hours before our date will require the full rate. Cancellations are to be paid within 48 hours.

I am 420 friendly (friendly? best friendly?) and am happy to partake with you. An unopened, completely sealed cartridge from your end or I can bring one, or I can supply edibles for a longer date for 20 per. Sorry, but when you live in the bible belt your edibles are worth their weight in gold. 

As a general rule, I host in hotels so in most circumstances, flower isn’t an option.

It’s awesome that you’re thinking about me. Love that for us. Below, please find my online wishlists. I have treasures big and small, and all gifts are appreciated. I also enjoy gift cards from Edge ‘o Beyond, Nordstrom, Target, Delta, AirBNB.

Cash gifts and EFTs are aways appreciated.
CashApp: $katwildeatl
Venmo: @katwilde


Amazon Wishlist

There is an initial $50 deposit to begin planning. If I am not able to make it work logistically, I’ll refund you immediately. If you decide to scatter off after I’ve researched information for you, the fifty bucks is mine. If we set our plans in stone, we’ll apply it.

All travel dates require first or business class airfare on any flights two hours or longer, 25% deposit, lodging, and $200 travel incidental fees paid up front.

To be at my best, I insist on my own room to sleep. I’m cozy and present throughout our time, and I’ll sneak off like a ninja in the night to get a solid night of sleep just across the hall. I’ll be there to wake up and share the morning with. 

I tour occasionally and will always update my Twitter with tour locations and dates in advance. Touring rates are higher than my regular rates due to the higher cost of doing business virtually anywhere outside of the south. Please make sure you take note of this on my rates page.